I contemplated walking 2,500 miles across the country to span an impossible distance for the sake of love.

glass blown by Kent Kahlen

Pop music distorted my perception of reality. I used to think it was possible to walk ten thousand miles without running into the ocean.

And technically, it is, but it requires doubling back and forth across the country twice.

I learned that last night when I map-quested directions from my house to the Kahlen’s in Newport Beach, Ca. As if I might step out my front door and go for a brisk walk across the United States.

Twenty five hundred miles, the computer told me. Thirty-eight hours and five minutes.

I thought about it. What would it be like, I wondered, to be the modern equivalent of Forrest Gump? I mean, this kid’s already got the driving cross country part down. And Forrest ran. So maybe, maybe I could walk. Slowly and deliberately for a day and half until I winded up on a stranger’s front porch.

I clicked on the little pedestrian symbol on MapQuest. Error message. Apparently the universe doesn’t approve of me walking across the country by myself.

I’ve always wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. California. Los Angeles. In my head, people in California live in mansions and have to walk a mile to the main road to pick up their mail. I never really thought about the other side.

But this month, Love Drop’s helping the Kahlen’s from California. And they need our help.

And what a family they are. Three smiling kids. Two loving parents. Strung together with unbreakable strength and love.

One of their daughters has tuberous sclerosis. And it costs a ton of money to pay for all those medical bills on top of three children who are growing and (based on the pictures in the video below) run around working up an appetite.

Her father’s in the glass blowing industry. And he’s quite the artist. I didn’t even know people still did that for a living, but now that I do, I kind of want to walk the 2,500 miles just to see it.

So this month, let’s spread the word about the Kahlen family and their business. Let’s spread some love across the country. Even if we are out of arms reach. If you’re not already a part of Love Drop, get on the bandwagon. We’re four months in and we’re making leaps and bounds with every mission. Last month we raised more than $5,000 for Katie, a single mother combating her second brain tumor.

How do you help?

1. Join the blogger network – like me :)
2. Get artsy and make something for the Kahlen family
3. Donate $5 to $20 a month

4 thoughts on “I contemplated walking 2,500 miles across the country to span an impossible distance for the sake of love.

  1. Libs

    Side note on this: Funny that they don’t approve of you walking across on google maps–as they used to tell you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean when you would plug in directions to Europe. I’ve been trying to plan a bike trip across the states for a couple of years.

  2. Ginny

    Thanks for sharing their story. And thanks for devoting some of your “spare” time to this organization. They (and you) are doing great things for people in need!

  3. Aron Turnbaugh

    What in the world would most people do devoid of the awesome thoughts you share on this web site? Who else has got the persistence to deal with critical topics in the interest of common visitors like me? I actually and my buddies are very delighted to have your blog among the ones we frequently visit. It is hoped you know how very much we value your effort! Best wishes through us all.

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