30+ Facebook Content Ideas For Creative Fan Pages


Sometimes, even us create folks like guidance.

Marketers often talk about the 70/20/10 rule when it comes to Facebook Page content. But what does that even mean?

70 percent of your posts should build your brand by educating, inspiring, informing and entertaining your fans.

20 percent of your posts should be shared content from other Facebook Pages.

10 percent of your posts should be promotional.

One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten from friends and co-workers is, “How do you figure out what to post? What types of content should I be sharing?”

Um, the content your audience eats up like free Costco samples?

In other words, it’s trial and error. As much as you may scowl at pages of numbers and charts and graphs, they mean something. Once you start using some of these tactics, or if you are already, dive in to your Facebook Insights report to see which posts had the most impressions, virality, shares, click-through rates and so forth.

From there, let your imagination + innovations take charge. Below, I’ve shared awesome examples for each of those three core content types.

The Main Squeeze (70%)

Quick Questions
An interior designer might ask for his/her fans’ go-to source(s) for inspiration.

Holiday / Seasonal Tie-ins
An illustrator might develop a free watercolor print as a spring-infused iPhone background.

Current Event Tie-ins
A graphic designer (especially a local one) might develop a fun graphic rooting for his/her favorite sports team in an upcoming tournament, like the Stanley Cup or the World Series.

SOS Calls
A newbie in the developer world might ask his or her programming friends for feedback on plug-ins to use or platforms to transfer to.

Just A Pinch (20%)

Q&A / Interviews
A photographer might share an article featuring a fellow creative in a niche publication.

Charities / Give Back Campaigns
A web designer might share a client’s recent press or fundraising efforts.

Welcome Mats
A writer might publicly cheer on another writer who’s recently been published or landed an agent.

Sponsor Stories
A fashion blogger might share an advertising sponsor’s giveaway or Twitter chat.

The Last Drop (10%)

Just Hit ‘Send’
A web developer might share his or her most recently completed project once the site goes live.

Educational Opportunities
A creative group with an upcoming webinar might announce the signup deadline and benefits.

The Seasonal Sale
A stationery/printing press might offer a discount on custom Mother’s Day cards during the month of April.

Spread The Love
A copywriter might highlight a client testimonial following a product release or public relations pitch.

Grab Bag Ideas

+ How-to Articles
+ Quick Tips (in visual form)
+ Product Features
+ Industry News
+ Friends’ Blog Posts
+ Friends’ Giveaways
+ Friends’ New Products / Services
+ Monthly Specials
+ Available Sponsor Spots
+ Monthly Roundups
+ Calls For Questions
+ New Blog Posts
+ New E-books / Products
+ Feature Articles
+ Work Samples

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