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Google Doesn’t Want You To Be Prom Queen

Google doesn’t want you to own your title. But I do.

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Please hold.

I need you to do something weird, something you probably won’t share with your dinner date between the coat closet and the wine selection. Something you really want to, maybe already do, like, every other week, but would never admit out loud.

Google yourself.

Trust me when I say it’s good for you; trust me when I say you need to know what the itsy bitsy Google spiders are digging up and spinning into a web of results. Trust, for the fifteen millionth time, that knowledge is power.

Because it SO is.

You’re hitting the ground running with your big bad blogging self or your Etsy shop skills and you think, “Well I’m snapshot savvy. I can create designs that build brands and tell stories and convey emotion so deep it cuts through your small intestines like acid. Who cares if Google knows about me? This isn’t high school. I’m not the prom queen. It doesn’t matter.”

C’mere for a second. Just a little closer. Lean in.

Google doesn’t want you to be everyone’s prom queen. Google doesn’t even want you to be your OWN social circle’s prom queen. But you’ve got to want your little design-loving, DSLR-wearing, typewriter-tapping self to wear that tiara when it comes to what you know.

The best way to do that is to know what Google thinks of you – it’s the one and only time anyone should tell you to dwell, for a itty bitty minute, on someone else’s opinion of you.

Google’s a shallow kind of guy. He teaches us to look at the first page, the first impression, and never dive deeper.

For strangers, you are your SERPs (search engine results pages). You are distilled to what Google weights as most relevant.

Let me tell you a tale:

I used to Google myself and find altar server schedules and gymnastics results and cross country race times and random guest posts on 20-something blogs, all mixed in with a ton of my own blog posts.

There weren’t any other Kaleigh Somers vying for my place on Google, but did my readers care that I was a tough cookie when it came to ripped palms and twisted ankles and hills so staggering they had their own bone-shaking names like Death Mountain?

Heck no.

May is about making you matter to your potential employers and clients and competitors by punching Google with a consistent online presence that threads itself neatly together to make finding you, the one-and-only YOU, easy.

So that when you take a second to search yourself, the little sidebar factoid box pops up that says, “Hey, this girl owns it. Look at her.”

Do yourself one more favor. Go to and add your name. Choose how own you want to receive your alerts and how filtered they should be (depends on how many others you might have floating out there vying for the top seat on the search results). Sit back and let your inbox take to telling you when your name appears in a newly crawled page. Magic, isn’t it?

It’ll make knowing your results easier and it feels good when you see the daily or weekly digest come through in the middle of a crazy day when you’re feeling like nobody in the world ever knew you tried to create something totally awesome.

Here’s a little sneak peak at what’s ahead:

+ core components of a creative’s website
+ social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
+ email newsletters
+ digital portfolios