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8 Marketing Blogs You Should’ve Subscribed To Yesterday

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Last month, I fangirled like crazy when a woman visiting our offices for a few weeks told me about the online community she was building to help people find their purpose by connecting them with trained mentors (psychologists, for example).

(My passion is helping people help people, if you haven’t already guessed.)

We got to swapping stories. At one point, she’d been in the marketing industry, but this whole world of online marketing and community building was new-ish for her. She had the army of people and stacks of books, but wanted to know where I went to learn about marketing.

What blogs did I read on a regular basis?

I think I probably turned about fifteen shades pinker when I admitted I could rattle off a dozen or more without even thinking hard.

The truth is, the Internet has propelled us into a state of fear that we’ll miss something if we don’t devour everything. But in that fear, I’ve sifted out the bad and whittled my list down to the core resources for online marketing.

Here’s how it rounds out:

Duct Tape Marketing

Every Wednesday, John Jansch delivers a concise newsletter with a couple new digital tools, a few more articles from some of the industry’s best + brightest, and a sponsor (usually a book or course). To be honest, the newsletter has introduced me to some of the most useful marketing tools to date.


I’m an e-book addict. Send me to the support group. With downloadable guides to social media marketing to best examples of web homepage design to online lead generation, this online all-in-one-software company puts everyone else’s basic 101 guides to shame.

With Intention by Jess Lively

Jess was born to help creative business owners. Her weekly newsletter, “What I Wish I Knew Wednesday,” is a quick + informative read. I always skim them to see if they’re applicable and toss what I don’t need.

Social Triggers

You’ve got to love somebody with a little personality and no nonsense. That’s Derek Halpern for ya. He basis his marketing and social media posts on psychological research, so everything he does and teaches is backed by science.


I found KISSInsights, the software behind KISSmetrics, last spring when I was searching for an easy-to-use client survey tool. Since then, I’ve trusted the blog side of things with information about keeping clients happy + building better email newsletters + landing pages.

Help Scout

Things I love about Help Scout: the psychology of purchasing decisions + the guides to better client satisfaction and support (especially for product developers). The content is in-depth, but it’s worth the read.


When I visit this site, it’s a cluster of technology information and small business news. Yes, you’ve got to sort through it. But if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find a quality post on that topic. Everything has thousands and thousands of shares, comments, etc.

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is the wave of the future, um, present. It’s now. That’s why we blog, develop infographics and diagrams and videos and slideshows. It’s why we are consuming and consuming – so we can learn and teach others who then ask us to design their websites or manage their Facebook pages or write their brochure copy. CMI has ideas on ideas when it comes to all of that.


Because SEO changes err’day. Because Google keeps it fresh. SEOmoz broke it down for me step by tiny step when I wanted to learn SEO from start to finish. My suggestion? Start with the all-inclusive beginner’s guide.