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Introducing Claire Biggs: The Moment-Shattering Crises and the People Who Get Me Through Them

I cannot say this enough: there are pretty wonderful people in this world. Claire Biggs is surely one of them. I asked her to guest post knowing she’s a much taller, more fashionable version of myself with so much to offer you all. I can always count on her to send me videos to watch and people to admire, and this post of hers is no different. I’ll be back on Thursday with one of my own, but for now, here’s Claire.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” –  Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

As a 22 year-old Southern transplant living on my own in New York City, I have my fair share of moment-shattering crises. The minor ones are always comical in retrospect – oh, I forgot to pack a pair of socks and a hair tie to go to the gym, that’s brilliant – or at least reminders that I don’t have everything figured out (I’ve lived in the city for five months and still manage to get on the wrong subway once a week).

The major ones are slightly more complicated. These crises have me locked in their vice grips, threatening to squeeze me into non-existence unless I act NOW! Feeling compelled to make a decision, any decision, I leap, falling to my knees and wondering why I still have no idea what I’m doing here.

I’ve spent the last week grappling with the latter type of situation, and so much has happened in the last 72 hours I can’t sit down to think without my head swimming with options and decisions to be made.

If you re-read my first sentence, you’ll notice I said moment-shattering crises, not life-shattering crises.

If I’ve learned anything in the last ten months since I graduated from college, it’s that there are very few life-defining moments; most decisions I made, make and will make are hardly irreversible or permanent markers for the path I’m on.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am type-A to the extreme. I make lists in my head, weighing the pros and cons of every single decision I make and am prone to occasionally (read: often) second-guess my decisions.

Over the past few weeks, though, I’ve tried to remember exactly how much control I have over the moments I’m currently experiencing. If I’m not happy doing something, I stop. It’s about recognizing exactly what I want or need in one moment in time and going after it, with no regrets.

I struggle every single day to do this, so I wanted to take a minute to share with you, Kaleigh’s faithful readers, the people who keep me on the right track.

The person who gives me hope that the best kinds of love really do exist: Naomi Davis of Rockstar Diaries.

The person who shows me how beautiful life is when looking through a different lens: Rachel Thurston, photographer.

The person who proves one person really can save the world, if only she believes in her dream: Hannah Brencher, The World Needs More Love Letters.

 The person on Twitter who makes me laugh out loud, often, while still holding firm to her beliefs and opinions: Carina MacKenzie, Zap2It writer.

The person who inspired me to spend money to get my a** kicked so I’m always prepared to protect myself: Mac McClelland, human rights reporter at Mother Jones.

So while this week has been nothing spectacular, I’ve managed to celebrate my minor victories – hey, I found lipgloss at Sephora that I love! – and the major ones too – oh look, tons of new responsibility at work.

I hope you, whoever is reading this, trust yourself enough to know that you really do know what is best for your life. Keep that in mind when making decisions, and you’ll have fewer moment-shattering crises – trust me.